Re: RARA-AVIS: The Golden Spiders

From: Ned Fleming (
Date: 06 Mar 2000

a.n.smith wrote:

> I watched the Nero Wolfe movie on A&E last night, and thought the thing was
> nicely done. I'm very happy with it, especially Maury Chaykin as Wolfe, who
> seemed to have the irritable character down cold.


> All in all, Hutton was a good Archie, Chaykin a great Wolfe, and the whole
> cast played the thing like an episode of "Remember WENN", but all for the
> fun of it. I hope they do more of these movies.

Maury Chaykin, whom I'd never heard of before, was an excellent Wolfe. Dead on. The movie was good, as good as TV fare is.

Hutton made a passable Archie -- if you've never read any of the books. He had the patter down, but I think they could've done more with voice-overs . . . and if they'd only filmed the effete, sunken-chested Hutton from the neck up. They can put a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a Spielberg movie and they can't put a boxer's body on Hutton?

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