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I watch movies and television too and I have not seen any that fit your criteria either ... maybe some examples here too would work. SotLs goes into the motivation of the killer (Buffalo Bill) to great detail drawing on the historical record from Ed Gein's life. Hannibal is less developed, but then he is a plot device not a prime character ... that antagonist characteristics of his presentation are a red herring to the actual antagonist Buffalo Bill, who we learn enough to catch a glimpse while our imaginations are used to accent the overall gruesomeness of the character.

Now the movie "Bag of Bones" is a bad movie where the elements are just tossed in there, but then again considering the conclusion of the plot that's the point ... in the end I just didn't enjoy the movie though.

Even the serial killer of the week plots from both Millennium and The Profiler went into the why of the motivation behind the killers actions.

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> The original thread began when I agreed with Etienne about his dislike of
> this type of villain. In that I stuck to movies of which I have
> seen many.
> I said then movies are more important in influencing popular culture. It's
> only when I mentioned a Harris work as an example that you sprung to life.
> If you think Harris is the greatest thing since sliced bread
> that's fine. I
> have read enough reviews, comments on this list and seen the Oscar winning
> film
> made of his book to know I don't wish to read anything by " one
> of the most
> critically aclaimed
> authors of our time." Gee, I guess others on this list are wasting their
> time debating about Hemingway and Conrad. They should discuss Harris
> instead.

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