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"Silence of the Lambs" is written by one of the most critically aclaimed authors of our time. What you're complaining about is actually the reality of the psychopath or more acurrately the serial killer ... the studies I've read do not unequivically box serial killers in with the psychopaths of the world. Harris spends years writing and it shows ... to those who read the genre and enjoy it (for the lack of a better term). Harris went through the same training that profilers attend at Quantico and his monsters are based on two very real individuals: Edward Gein and Jeffrey Dalhmer. Serial killers motiviations do not make sense to normal people. Gein was the one making the girl suit out of the skin of his victims back in the '50s ... Dalhmer wanted to make the perfect zombie lover and was keeping a penis perserved for the right one. When I first read Joyce Carol Oates' "Zombie," I thought she was weird for having a protagonist do that ... then I read about Dalhmer. If anything, the works are too realistic. And that's not to say that there aren't poorly written ones, cause every genre has it's bad works and its bad authors.

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> I was thinking of the big Silence of the Lambs- type books. I was
> indicting
> the authors who don't feel they have to work to write books that hang
> together logically. Instead their criminals muder purely
> because they are
> psycopaths. They don't have reasons for their actions that can
> be deduced.
> Their motivation never has to make any kind of sense.

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