RARA-AVIS: Charles Alverson, Michael Avallone, Francis K. Allan

From: Juri Nummelin ( jurnum@utu.fi)
Date: 03 Mar 2000

Three-part message:

1. I just finished Charles Alverson's "Fighting Back" (1973) and found it a quite satisfactory revenge book, with a little bit compulsory
"Godfather" stuff in it. But Alverson ends the book as a Shakespearean tale about the revenge's futileness. I've noticed somewhere the character name Joe Goodey alongside with Alverson - what is he, a P.I.?

2. Now I'm reading Michael Avallone's "Mannix", based on the sixties TV series. Is it average Avallone or below average or above average?

3. I posted a message about one Francis K. Allan some months ago. There were no answers. Now I know more: He wrote for the pulps and digests in the fourties and the fifties, in a rather Woolrichian vein, telling about coincidents and fears and shabby hotels. Not very original, bot not very bad, either. He had two novels in the fourties and for some reason he came back with at least one book, "Death in Gentle Grove" in 1976. I just finished it - well, I couldn't get through it, because it was so boring. Peyton Place -like milieu and not much happening.

Juri jurnum@utu.fi

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