Re: RARA-AVIS: Dennis Lehane

From: David White (
Date: 01 Mar 2000

I agree with your assessment of Lehane... His characters work well, although I felt Gennaro's reactions at the end of the novel come as a surprise, that it wasn't led up to well. I didn't feel the book was too long... In fact I rarely do... I don't mind paying 6.99 for a 400 page book, but do for a 180 page book... G,B,G is Lehnae's best along with Darkness, TAke my Hand (which falls under the newly hated serial killer genre)... I guess it's a pick between which one I like better.. His portraits of the Boston area are wonderful and in fact I feel I am there and can picture it (even though I've only been to Boston once)... I've read all Lehane's novels and Sacred is probably the worst and I enjoyed even that... So I hope you enjoy him... He's been met with some mixed reactions on this list a lot of people say his characters are contrived...


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