Re: RARA-AVIS: Movie Question

Date: 01 Mar 2000

I've seen both L.A. Takedown and Heat, in fact have copies in my video library. for my money, Scott Plank's performance is superior to Pacino's scenery chewing in the same role. opening armored car heist in former is equal to more expensive version in latter. main differences in storyline are: expanded personal story subplots (similar to what happens in crime novels these days) with Pacino and Kilmer characters. face to face meeting between cop and crook happens by chance in first picture, and at the behest of cop in the second. character actor Xander Berkeley plays pivotal minor role in first and amusing cameo in second.
  I believe Pacino/Plank's cop character is based on the exploits of a real cop- (something like Gil Parra..?) who works as a technical advisor to guys like Michael Mann. in the mid-80's, screenwriter Floyd Mutrux based an unsold tv pilot on him as well called R.E.L.A.X. about a multi-jurisdictional task force based at L.A. International Airport- LAX to travelers and Angelenos.

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