RARA-AVIS: recent finds

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 28 Feb 2000

I recently found a Charles Williams book, but don't remember if it was named in the recent discussion as a good one -- All the Way. Any opinion? I also picked up The Mean Streets by Thomas B. Dewey. I read some of his PI novels years ago. This one features a cop and looks like a JD exploitation book. Is it any good?

I found a paperback of Street 8 and grabbed it due to the recent praise here. I also found the novelization of Night Moves and a John Warren Wells sex book. I wish I knew if Lawrence Block wrote all of the Wells books. I'm beginning to think he might have, since the name appears under several different publishers, which would seem to indicate it was not a house name.


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