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From: Anne Stancek (
Date: 28 Feb 2000 wrote:

> Andrew: I'm a big fan of Dan J. Marlowe's work, though I never thought of
> him as an influence on Ross Thomas. Marlowe wrote some books that I really
> like, including THE NAME OF THE GAME IS DEATH and THE VENGEANCE MAN (definitely
> influenced by Jim Thompson). FOUR FOR THE MONEY is another good one.
> I certainly recommend him.
> Bill Crider
> --

I have succeded in picking up eight books from the "Operation" series by Marlowe, as well as The Name of the Game Is Death, Vengeance Man, and Never Live Twice. I have been loving them all. As for the influence on Thomas, I see it but perhaps I am imposing it.

I have also recently picked up Too Late to Die and Cursed to Death by Bill Crider, because of the RA connection. Though not hardboiled, they, too, are most enjoyable. This is intended to be a high compliment, and I hope Mr. Crider takes it so, in terms of the atmosphere and feel of them, they remind me of Constantine, definitely one of the all time greats.


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