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From: Mark Blumenthal (
Date: 28 Feb 2000

Mark Sullivan:

> I just finished LA Requiem, also. I thought it was very good, but I
> have a little bit of ambivalence about it.
> Spoilers ahead:
I, too just finished LA Requiem and had mixed feelings. Crais' debt to Robert Parker is pretty obvious. Spenser and Susan split at one time so the break with Lucy may not be permanent. I feel he killed off the wrong woman. Samantha Dolan had 'legs'. Cole could easily have a very stormy relationship with her that could have been developed in future books.

By exploring Pike's character and background Crais differs with Parker Any details of Hawk's background and thoughts are revealed only superficially as they impact the current book. Sometimes its better not to know about the one who represents the dark side of the protagonist. I don't think the book was entirely successful, but Crais was willing to take the risk by altering what had been a successful formula. If he contines the series with a darker hero and a domesticated man of mystery he might try to have Cole and Pike taking the others' role to some extent. Cole is going to have to continue to be a less flippant and more somber character who is going to have to go it himself in crises. As Pike will be a part of him Cole will embody both of them with Pike's role diminisheing. Mark II

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