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From: Bill Hagen (
Date: 27 Feb 2000

At the suggestion of RA folks, I'm trying James Sallis and Michael Connelly.

Read Sallis' Black Hornet and Moth, and am eager for more. Like the engagement of the character with the city and other characters. Preferred Moth, but could understand why others might like the more linear narrative of Black Hornet--in a way, it's better plotted too. But Moth is messy in ways that appeal to me. Wonder whether the academic, French new novel references and structuring in Moth has wide appeal? Does he experiment with structure in other novels? Found myself wondering, too, what the whole story on Sallis is--whether he was once an academic. Note that he's done work on Himes, Raymond Queneau, and jazz guitar, so...

 A correspondent at UNOrleans didn't know much about Sallis (believe he's moved to Ariz.) and the website someone here suggested didn't come up when I tried [believe it was a link off a website of a RA regular, now that I think of it]. Anyone have a link or an inkling of where I can find more on Sallis? And while you're at it, where I can BUY more Sallis--prefereable used, since he seems to be only out in hardback. He's definitely not to be found in my favorite haunts.

Very impressed with my first Michael Connelly, The Concrete Blonde. So far I like him more than Block, for character and plotting. Connelly set up and handled two converging plotlines very nicely in CB. A pleasure to watch it all come together. A long book, but nothing in excess, it seemed to me.

Bill Hagen

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