Re: RARA-AVIS:is anyone out there?

From: James Rogers (
Date: 27 Feb 2000

At 10:12 PM 2/27/00 -0000, you wrote:
>I haven't received any mailings from RA since Friday. We did have a problem
>in the UK with lots of pnone lines including ISPs and I'm just wondering
>whether this has screwed my connection somehow? I am getting other post and
>I know it isn't like you guys to be this silent. Can someone contact me to
>let me know if there's any other probs. Ta, JaneC

            Perhaps it is just quiet.
            I recently found - at my local library, alas - Goulart's _The Dime Detectives_. I would guess that many, if not most, of the listers have already read this, but if not it is well worth a look. Excellent survey of the pulp mystery mags, with side trips into the Spicy and sadism pulps. Lots of relatively obscure detectives and authors listed. Not much depth but still a good pulp reference guide.


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