Re: RARA-AVIS: male PI sexuality?

Date: 23 Feb 2000

<here's something to discuss. i was just mulling over in my mind the general and consistent failure, in my eyes, of female writers to produce female protagonists with any sort of real visceral fortitude of the sort you see in the archetypal male PI. i think this missing element is commonly identified as testosterone. does anyone agree/disagree that a good PI has to have a strong heterosexual orientation?>

You must be talking about modern day PI's. I seem to remember most of the classic PI's avoiding sex. The Op was asexual, I honestly don't remember if Spade and O'shaunessey did it, (it was very discreetly in the white space if they did,) Marlowe seemed to discussted with women to even look at them for long, and Lew Archer seemed to always be putting women in prison so he wouldn't have to fornicate. It all seems to relate to Chandler's 'tarnished knight' theory, but I always found it a little distracting that they would go to such lengths to describe a woman's beauty, have her throw herself at the PI, and have him take such lengths to avoid her. (It also seemed to give them a pathological need to fire their gun!)

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