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From: Terrill Lankford (
Date: 18 Feb 2000

Wow! I can't imagine a more fragmented way to watch a movie. Not only does BRAVO edit their films, they also have commercials. Two big "no nos" for anyone who takes watching (and criticizing) films seriously. And to top it off you watched the thing in two different installments! (And how much time elapsed between the viewings? Hopefully it wasn't literally "days" while you were anticipating the "surprise".)

Perhaps the movie would play better if it was viewed the way it was intended, uncut and in one continuous sitting, without commercials. (Being on the big screen would also help, but that is almost impossible.)

Viewed under the proper circumstances you may still have hated the movie, but at least you would have given it a fair chance. And the criticism would seem much more valid.


Kate Derie wrote:

> After seeing that some people on the list thought The Two Jakes was a
> worthwhile, underrated film, we taped it from Bravo and watched in two
> one-hour installments. The first hour was pretty entertaining with the
> riffs on various private eye traditions, so we were anticipating the
> second half. But boy, did it fall apart. Variations on a theme turned
> into tired cliches, the big "surprise" was something you could see coming
> for days, too many new characters were introduced -- what a mess. Other
> problems were Harvey Keitel going awol for most of the middle of the
> movie, and a lot of minor characters were indistinguishable and
> interchangeable. Sorry, but if this is a love-it-or-hate-it movie, I'm in
> the hate-it camp.
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