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Date: 18 Feb 2000

Well speaking of coincidence-synchronicity whathaveyou, when LA Req was mentioned a few weeks ago my other had just come in with a bunch of assorted 2nd hand stuff including said book, about which he said,"It's supposed to be good, BUT it's an Elvis Cole book" - screws up his nose at that point. Now I haven't read any Crais before, so after a bit (I haven't been reading ANYTHING lately, a bit depressed and everything seemed pretty trivial and annoying, even, well especially HB) I thought, well I'll bite the bullet and read this, I just know I'm going to hate it. I've been pleasantly surprised, it's been my bedtime book and it's past the 1st para-1st page 1st chapter rule. I do find that the echoes of Parker are a bit loud at times(sensitive guy, cooking,girlfriend,hard mate,pet-at least it isn't a dog) so if this is the least Parker-a-like maybe I won't read the earlier ones. But I'm still on it on Part Two and I haven't lost interest in plot, character(aprt from surplus girlfriend). It is on the long side though,(I keep thinking hurry the fuck up) and I know that the end will make me go "Youwhat" but I've read worse. So what others should I look for? Slightly off centre,(not always strictly HB) but pretty hard are the new series of books under the ATTACK imprint, British, not for the easily, or even tough to, shock and bloody funny. I don't think you'll have read anything quite like this- Nouveau Pulp, will probaly be what they get called. Really different, OFFICIAL Jane C

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