RARA-AVIS: Twain & hb

From: Victoria Esposito-Shea ( vmes@northnet.org)
Date: 14 Feb 2000

Okay, so I know that Twain didn't write the Leatherstocking Tales. But his mention, and the link to his Cooper essay (which was great, by the way--I've seen excerpts, but never the whole thing) got me thinking.

I can't possibly be the first to think of this, but surely Twain is a stop in the journey to modern hardboiled, isn't he? It seems that his writing incorporates so many of the things that (in my mind, at least) are intrinsic to hardboiled: the hero following a personal code which runs counter to society (HUCK FINN); looking with a jaded eye at what social leaders and/or wealthy people are doing (GILDED AGE, HUCK FINN); and, finally, total disillusionment with what's going on around him, even as he tries to do what's right(CONNECTICUT YANKEE, PUDDN'HEAD WILSON).

Is there anything out there? Any comments?

Vicky vmes@northnet.org

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