Re: RARA-AVIS: M.E. Chaber/Milo March

From: Bob Toomey (
Date: 11 Feb 2000

Anders Engwall wrote:
> Bob Toomey:
> > Don't know much about Chaber, but a factoid rises from the murk: I read
> > somewhere he was the first fiction writer to use LSD as a major plot
> > device, in a 1955 novel called THE SPLINTERED MAN. I haven't read the
> > book, but I've seen a reprint of the pb cover somewhere. It shows a guy
> > in his skivvies being held by a couple of heavies while another heavy
> > comes at him with a nasty looking hypodermic needle.
> Ah, yes. It seems you saw it in HARDBOILED AMERICA by Geoffrey
> O'Brien. The guy in the skivvies is a CIA agent, the two heavies
> holding him are East German prison guards and the guy with the
> needle is a scientist who's into LSD experiments. O'Brien also
> quotes a segment from the novel where the CIA guy describes the
> effects of the drug, and it's all hilarious acid head babble that
> could have been straight outta the summer of love. Sounds like
> an interesting read.

HARDBOILED AMERICA -- that's it. You're dead right about the quote. I wonder how Chaber researched that far out acid effect. LSD was legal in


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