RARA-AVIS: Cornflower Blue Eyes

From: Mbdlevin@aol.com
Date: 10 Feb 2000

Some people write:

<< <<Yes, but don't forget that Chandler wrote about several female
    characters who had "cornflower blue" eyes (i.e, close to purple).>>
 I beg to differ. If I remember my 64 box of crayons correctly, cornflower was
 almost a pastel blue, very light, no where near purple. Definitely a possible
 color in eyes.

I feel sort of silly bringing this up, but since I did the work under other circumstances, I'll mention this tidbit here. Berenice Hollis of Willeford's
"Burnt Orange Heresy" has "cornflower-blue eyes." Perhaps we have an homage to Chandler here, and sometimes a word in not just what it describes. Sure it's saying that Berenice has light blue eyes, but it is also reminding us that narrator Figueras is an art critic (and so he picks all sorts of odd colors like "saffron" and "golden maple" and "grisaille"). Also, Berenice is described with all sorts of food terms, thus "corn" works there, and she is a
"country girl"--"corn" works with that too. Them good writers do double or triple or quadruple duty with their words. --Other Doug

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