Re: RARA-AVIS: The Hard-Boiled Dick softens up

Date: 10 Feb 2000

>From what I understand, Heat was a virtual remake of a made for TV
>movie/potential series pilot Michael Mann had made several years
>earlier, not too long after Miami Vice. Supposedly, critics dismissed
>it as "LA VIce." I haven't seen the earlier one, but Film Threat once
>did a comparison that seemed pretty convincing.
  I've seen L.A. Takedown, the earlier version of Heat, and in fact have a copy on video. It's obviously shorter, as it had to accomodate commercial breaks within a two hour format, while Heat had no such constraints. A lot of the set pieces are expanded in the feature version, and the Val Kilmer/Ashley Judd subplot is entirely new.
  Picture works very well in the shorter version. Scott Plank in the Pacino role is actually more interesting, for my money. Character actor Xander Berkeley plays a pivotal bad guy in the first version, and makes a cameo in a different role in the second.
  John Lau

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