Re: RARA-AVIS: Here comes a regular...

Date: 09 Feb 2000

Hi again Kevin,
    My "who cares about his style" was a comment meaning "I ain't talking about style." As for your Chandler quote, I believe he was discribing
"voice" which is the essence of who a writer is (at least through his work), and yes I do believe GP's voice is intrusive and that it struts through his stories.
    You and I aren't going to agree about GP. We both like him, but you like him the most, and you like him for things that I believe are shortcomings in his work. You may even see liking him (without reservation) as a qualification for early 21st century hipness. I can't tell for sure.
    These are tough things to discuss to a conclusion, but thanks for the discussion, anyway.

                                    Jim Blue

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