RARA-AVIS: M.E. Chaber/Milo March

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@colba.net)
Date: 09 Feb 2000

Hey guys!

I seem to remember M.E. Chamber's name coming up here before. Does anyone know much about him, or have an opinion about his work? I know Chaber was a pen name for Kendell Foster Crossen, and that he evidently wrote a slew of books about Milo March, a former op for the OSS and CIA turned globetrotting insurance investigator, back in the fifties and sixties. Were they any good? If a new one popped up, do you think there'd be much interest? Would you buy it?

Reason I'm asking is because they've unearthed the last Milo novel, which Holt refused to publish back in the seventies because it contained an unflattering portrait of then-president, Nixon. Possibly also because March goes on a spy mission to Vietnam.

His literary executor wants to know. If anyone has any thoughts, pro or con, or if the books are not really hardboiled, feel free to contact me offlist.

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