Re: RARA-AVIS: Misleading titles

From: Greg Swan (
Date: 08 Feb 2000

> I had similar feelings. Woman chaser?! Yeah, right! Only woman he seemed
> to chase was his mother!

As I recall, Woman Chaser was published by Newsstand Library, a sleaze publisher. Newsstand Library had a top-flight editor (whose name escapes me) for some of its run. He'd take well-written books, even if they lacked sex content, and print them with erotic cover art and a suggestive title. The writers only got sleaze wages, but they got published. Others of the books really are poorly written erotica. Sample titles:

Lewd Angel Portrait of Torment Serenade to Seduction Sex is Like Money Rage of Desire Chasm of Lust Bobby Sox Sinners Have Wife Will Trade

In the Newsstand Library world, it simply wasn't necessary for the title or the cover art to have anything to do with the story. Actually, I think Willeford came out relatively OK with "Woman Chaser." It could just as easily have been "Love is a Gentle Whip."

Greg Swan

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