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From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 07 Feb 2000

Roy wrote:
> > Are you sure these new releases are by Richard
> Matheson Senior? I've had a Matheson western in
> my to-read pile for five years now (JOURNAL OF THE GUN
> YEARS-1991). Did the son write this one too?

The three new novels are definitely by Matheson, Sr.. The two being published by CD Pub are entitled PASSION PLAY and CAMP PLEASANT, the one by Gauntlet is HUNGER AND THIRST. The son has a new collection coming out called DYSTOPIA that is *wonderful*. In fact, his son's use of extremely lean, terse prose (most of his stories are 3 or 4 pages in entirety) may qualify him as more "hardboiled" than his father. Hmm, well perhaps. Oh, and in answer to your western question, yes, JOURNAL was written by the fact, he had four or five westerns published in the last decade. JOURNAL was the first.

Ron Clinton

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