RARA-AVIS: Misleading titles

From: Ron Clinton ( r-and-jclinton@email.msn.com)
Date: 07 Feb 2000

Having just gotten a bit more serious about reading Charles Willeford's backlist, I just tonight completed THE WOMAN CHASER, a wonderful and odd little book. But one thing that immediately occured to me upon completion was the total mistitling of the novel. For instance, (A) there were few women characters in the book, (B) the main characters certainly wasn't
"chasing" them, and (C) unless I missed some very very VERY subtle subtext in the book, "chasing women" wasn't high on our self-absorbed, sociopathic filmmaker's To Do List...while spewing his bitterness toward his fellow man - and indeed his own life - on celluloid certainly was.

I know there have been other books whose titles are misleading but this one sure took the cake for me.

Ron Clinton

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