Re: RARA-AVIS: Matheson, and a Robert Crais question

Date: 07 Feb 2000

I was happy to read that others on this list dig Richard Matheson; he's one of my favorites. Great point, too, about HELL HOUSE being essentially a detective story set in haunted house.

I don't recall anyone else mentioning this, but Matheson also had three non-supernatural pulp novels (two by Lion, one by Ballantine) in the 50s: SOMEONE IS BLEEDING, FURY ON SUNDAY, and RIDE THE NIGHTMARE. All are highly recommended. They were reprinted in one volume put out by G&G books in 1997; I've seen a few copies floating 'round Ebay, if anyone is interested.

Also: I'm in the middle of reading Robert Crais' L.A. REQUIEM, and notice that it switches fairly often between first person (Elvis Cole) and third person; is this something Crais does in all of this Cole novels? Or is this something special he pulled out for REQUIEM?


Duane Swierczynski

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