RARA-AVIS: NYT mini-review of "Shame The Devil"

From: southpaw@altavista.net
Date: 06 Feb 2000

In today's NY Times Book Review section, Marilyn Stasio gave a mini-review of George Pelacanos's "Shame The Devil," which I include below in its entirety:

     As a way of announcing the truth-telling theme of
     his new crime novel, George P. Pelecanos opens SHAME
     THE DEVIL (Little, Brown, $24.95) with a stylishly
     choreographed but extremely raw scene of urban
     violence -- a 1995 robbery in a Washington pizza
     parlor that leaves five people dead, including one
     of the gunmen and a little boy who just happened to
     get in the way. Even harder to take are the scenes
     that occur three years later, in the pathetic
     support group of family survivors who meet each week
     to share the never-ending pain of loss and, in a
     cruel but suspenseful plot turn, to protect
     themselves from the killers, who are back for
     vengeance. Pelecanos is one of those dangerous
     writers who aren't afraid to take risks, so there's
     a merciless reality to his characters and a cold
     clarity about the way they talk, think and feel.
     Whatever their flaws, none of the people in this
     writer's world are ashamed to tell the truth.

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