Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Pellecanos (and Adams)

Date: 06 Feb 2000

Hi Maura,
    My quibble with Pelacanos is not that he includes detail, but that he includes detail for its own sake, long after it has stopped revealing the personalities and motives of his characters, and long after it has been necessary for an understanding of the story. Maybe he does it because he loves writing it, but he certainly doesn't do it because the reader or the story need it. It seems self indulgent to me, and as with so many of his characters, all style.
    I find that I keep wanting to say to him, "Okay, I got it. I understand who these people are, how they are hooked up to each other, and what is going on. I don't need five more examples of it and another 10 pages that don't move the story an inch."
    He loves his characters (as do I), but I come to his books to be taken for a trip on an express, and he puts me on a local. He'd be better off if he had a little more Hammett in him, but then, wouldn't we all?

                                    Jim Blue

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