Re: RARA-AVIS: Noir Horror?

From: a.n.smith (
Date: 05 Feb 2000

> Golly, seems to me there is quite a bit in common between the gothic and
> noir genres. They may not always use the same techniques in their
> efforts to generate anxiety, but that doesn't mean you can't even
> discuss the terms. As far as that goes, any attempts to "do violence to
> both terms" would probably do them a world of good.

Philip, I like that last part.

I was thinking the same, like someone said earlier, that the effect is the thing (a big Poe idea) in both. But updating and substitution occured: the big city for the craggy mountain ranges, the mansion for the castle, the fear of being watched/pursured, the fear of death and the dark, etc. etc. And as far as the supernatural elements, I don't think the key in Gothic was to ask if they were real or not, but to ask if you believe the characters' fears that they might be real. A lot of that in HB/noir: did you really see what you thought you saw? Are you really being followed? Not to mention all the family secret stuff.

As with anything 20th century, someone should realize that the coherence of the Gothic splintered and fragmented like eveything else, giving rise to Romance, Noir, Sci-Fi, etc. Pulps in America.

Ah, Tribe, the eggheads look down on me from their pedestal, marking checks or Xs by names of those who seek to amuse them below. I should be quiet with them and come to the rare birds for consolaton.

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