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From: Maura McMillan (
Date: 05 Feb 2000


robert deane pharr was a professional waiter who had a college education and wrote novels. his books were published late 60s into the 70s. nobody seems to know where he is, if he's alive or dead or something else. anyway, if you are a reader of the real thing, look for him - titles are SRO
(meaning single room occupancy), the soul murder case, giveadamn brown, and the book of numbers. that last one he write first, and is my least fav. though it is very interesting. i like best SRO, which is grim, grim, grim, an endless, remorseless hammering-away of daily existence in a cheap-fortified-wine-heroin-and-hooker-ridden environment. it feels very autobiographical but since i know nothing about pharr......

old school books has reprinted giveadamn brown and SRO.


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