RARA-AVIS: Re: Pellecanos (and Adams)

From: Kent Johnson ( kjohnson@slip.net)
Date: 04 Feb 2000

"I remember one reviewer who used to complain about the projection of modern sexual mores onto tales set in the first half of the century
(before the sexual revolution of the 1960s), when in reality no-sex-before-marriage was a rather strict norm."


"It was a pretty strict norm in reality, but was it in fiction, especially pulp fiction? I see no lack of willing women in Gold Medals. for instance, many of which were written prior to the '60s."


True enough. But the difference between sex scenes then and now were that those were deliberate (and shocking) sexual fantasy, whereas sex is now more accepted and far from being fantasy to include it in a story, it would seem unnatural to leave it out.



Kent Johnson San Francisco kjohnson@slip.net

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