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From: Frederick Zackel ( fzackel@wcnet.org)
Date: 03 Feb 2000

Greetings, Doug, and thank you for the kind and generous words. Yes, there was a sequel to Cocaine & Blue Eyes, and it was called Cinderella After Midnight. (Bibliofile may have leads on finding old copies.) I also like the notion of poor Cindy in those moments when she's surrounded by dancing mice and weird memories. But nobody "saw" the title. The book was published, stillborn. My editor for both books at the time was Joseph Kanon, who's done well for himself since then with his own thrillers. I should add that I was "discovered" by Ross Macdonald; in fact, he was the first person who ever suggested I write a detective book. I wrote about my first encounter with him for January magazine about a year ago. (Check it out at www.januarymagazine.com/features/zackel.html As for OJ, he
"discovered" the book on a paperback rack at LAX -- and saw himself in the lead role, that of an Irish-Catholic PI in San Francisco. We met; I have photographs, his arm around me; he produced and starred in the TV movie; the check cleared. Kevin Burton Smith has some nice things to say about me and Brennen at his "The Thrilling Detective Web Site", which is at http://www.colba.net/~kvnsmith/thrillingdetective/ (Except I don't think of Brennen as a slacker.) Kevin and I are both Contributing Editors for January magazine. Both of us think that's cool.

Sorry about using up so much bandwidth, folks.

Best wishes Frederick Zackel

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