Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Pellecanos (and Adams)

From: Timothy S. Oliver (
Date: 03 Feb 2000

Kevin (KS, heh heh) wrote:
> The same way George Pelecanos gets his time right. The brand-name
> dropping, as Tim so rightly pointed out, is very much a part of
> Pelecanos' (and Tim's, and my) g-g-generation. Whether our
> logo-driven culture is admirable or not, I'll leave to you older and
> wiser farts, but rest assured--this is how we are.
It occurs to me, after reading Kevin's comment, that there may not have been many national brand names when Chandle, Hammet et al where writing. Maybe Coca Cola, maybe some autos. I suspect many of the tobacco, booze, and clothing products were pretty local.

I'm going to lend my copy of The Big Blowdown to my parents. It will be interesting to find out if Pelecanos got the depression/WWII generation period details correct.

Tim Oliver

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