Re: RARA-AVIS: Pelecanos: Nick's Trip (Review)

From: a.n.smith (
Date: 02 Feb 2000

> First, Pelecanos's writing is very personal. I like that. Especially
> I am a contemporary of Pelecanos. I identify with the times he tries,
> successfully in my opinion, to evoke.
> As you can tell, I'm a big Pelecanos fan. Few authors, to me, create such
> believable characters. Maybe I'm a sentimental sap, but I find myself
> rooting for Nick, Dmitri and the others.

When I look at the people who say "He's got potential and is learning," I'm thinking, "Compared to who?" That's the thing about George: When I read him, I see someone working in his own vein, not really attempting to copy anyone. The awkward moments and the stumbles seem to me winning qualities. Letter perfect fiction gets dull. And that's why I anxiously await every book he writes. He's going to surprise me (except with his ending. Damn it if he just can't seem to make the endings different...)

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