RARA-AVIS: King Suckerman

From: ejmd ( ejmd@cwcom.net)
Date: 02 Feb 2000

Bill Crider wrote:

> Immediately after I sent my first post about KS, I recieved Diane's post.
> I felt exactly the same way she did, that the details seemed forced.

I felt ths same when reading Pelecanos, though that was before reading KS. I thought the earlier Stefanos books were too self-consciously overwritten, all that stuff about what people were wearing, the hi-fi, what record was on, the booze, the cigarette brands, everything down to their goddamn lighter fuel. By the time I got to read KS though I thought GP had got better (so if you think this stuff is hard to take in KS, be warned!).

BTW, something that I found more tedious than the shopping-list style of description was the equivalence that is apparently forged between homosexuality and crime/nastiness. This occurs in KS as well as other Pelecanos books. It's as if there's a crude equation: "sexual deviance"
= "social deviance" (hey, maybe it's an ideological period piece!)

I've got some old Pelecanos reviews hanging about somewhere ... I'll have a look, see if one or two migt be worth posting to the list



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