Re: RARA-AVIS: Another Missive from the Fedora Lobby!

Date: 01 Feb 2000

I'm a policeman , not a drug dealer, and while I'm still relatively young, live in an urban area, and like to think of myself as professional, I don't really think I qualify as a yuppie.

I've been issued a government cell phone because I often patrol areas that can't be reached by radio, and because, when I'm off-duty, it's easier for my bosses to reach me in an emergency.

Police procedurals are generally regarded as being within the HB world, and, since procedurals are, by defintion, supposed to reflect real-life law enforcement as accurately as possible, the heroes of police procedurals are going to are more likely to make computer checks than file checks, and more likely to use conveninet cell phones than look around for a booth.

Cell phones are tools, not reflections of character deficiencies.


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