RARA-AVIS: The Immortal Game and a cool photo

From: Mark Coggins ( coggins@wenet.net)
Date: 31 Jan 2000

My apologies in advance if this is not appropriate for the list, but I wanted to send a short e-mail and introduce myself and a new hardboiled novel that I published in December. The book is called "The Immortal Game" and a web site for it may be found here:


The site has the first chapter of the book, copies of all the illustrations and a nice cover blurb from Loren D. Estelman comparing me to certain other San Francisco-based hardboiled writer.

A recent review of the book in the San Francisco Chronicle may be found here:


Finally, in penance for this blatant self-promotion, let me submit the following photo of my private eye's desk for your enjoyment (I hope):


And if you liked that, there's a free screensaver (for windows) based on the photograph available here:


Thanks for your indulgence ...


                         Mark Coggins

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