RARA-AVIS: Defective Detectives

From: McHale, Steve ( SMcHale@filenet.com)
Date: 31 Jan 2000

        Sean Hanlon has a small series on an Alaskan journalist and disk jockey who is forced into strange adventures as a reluctant sleuth. He has a polio deformity and brings it up often. But that deformity does not prevent him from being a consummate smartass and womanizer. The series is loaded with gallows humor. The series is also cursed with varying quality. One book can be great, one book can stink, one book can start good and go really bad.

> Russell Gray/Bruno Fischer is cited time after time as the creator
> of the most interesting characters. Calvin Kane, for example, had a
> deformed body, sidling along "like a crab as he dragged his withered
> right leg along. One shoulder was six inches higher than the other. But
> he had one physical advantage: arms like steel."

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