Re: RARA-AVIS: Ed Wood

Date: 28 Jan 2000

DEATH OF A TRANSVESTITE has Glen Marker, (from GLEN OR GLENDA?) as a transvestite hitman. Glenda Satin, his other self, does the killing. When he's tracked down and senteced to the chair, he agrees to tell his story in exchange for, as the title suggests, letting him dress in feminine attire when he takes the hot squat.

In one memorable scene, another transvestite tells how he developed his obsession. He was all set to rape a girl in the park, but see, she was wearing an angora sweater, and when he touched the fabric it did something strange inside of him. He walked away groping the sweater, having totally lost interest in the girl.

If not hard-boiled, what is it, weird menace?

Signed, Confused

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