RARA-AVIS: Brief Plug for a Good Movie

From: Doug Bassett ( dj_bassett@yahoo.com)
Date: 27 Jan 2000

Someone mentioned in passing the movie RUSH, and I wanted to take a moment and recommend it. I had serious doubts about it at first for some reason
(maybe because it stars Jason Patric, not one of my favorite actors) but it turned out to be excellent -- a very dark, gritty, downbeat look at the Seventies drug scene.

I don't think I'd be giving anything away if I said that the movie answers the question "how do undercover narcs handle drug transactions?" The answer, according to the film, is that they shoot up when they have to, and often they get habits. Leads Patric and Jennifer Jason Leigh deliver decent performances as the drug-addicted cops, and Greg Allman (!) is excellent as the spooky local drug kingpin. What I liked best about the film, though, is the whole sleazy backwater rural ambience. It sort of reminded me of a more sophisticated WALKING TALL (one of my all-time favorite movies from the Seventies.)

Kind of an overlooked film, but it shouldn't be too hard to find in your local video store.


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