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Date: 26 Jan 2000

--- Roy Epstein <> wrote:

> --- Doug Bassett <> wrote:
> > I've been known to read a traditional mystery
> > occasionally, but the only other sub-genre of
> > Mystery
> > fiction that I really follow is spy fiction.
> > Interestingly, a good British spy novel and a good
> > American hb novel have a lot in common
> > I've also felt the same way about some of the spy
> novelists I've sampled. My experience doesn't go far
> beyond LeCarre, Deighton, Gardner, and Adam Hall
> however. Can you recommend some others that have
> that
> hb flavor?

Well...strictly speaking a lot of the hb spy novels/authors that I know about have already been discussed here: Americans Donald Hamilton and Edward S. Aarons (of course), James Mitchell, Adam Hall, Len Deighton. (I think Deighton has been discussed? His Harry Palmer novels, particularly FUNERAL IN BERLIN, are excellent hb spy stories.)

Other spy novelists that share some of the perspective of the hb writers, and thus might appeal to hb fans, include Eric Ambler (particularly A COFFIN FOR DIMITRIOS, although everything he did is worthwhile), Brian Freemantle (his Charlie Muffin series is an interesting blend of the Le Carre and Deighton approaches), Francis Clifford, Kenneth Royce, and Victor Canning. At least, those come to mind right now.


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