Re: RARA-AVIS: Why Are You Here?

From: cooper (
Date: 26 Jan 2000

Teri said:

> So, how about you? Ever given any thought to why you're on THIS list and
> not another?

Asking why someone likes one type of fiction over another is like asking why you like tea instead of coffee, or cheese instead of chocolate, it's just one of those things, perhaps formed by a formative experience or just what gets those synapses snapping. I like HB probably for the same reason I used to read SF or horror, it's about as distant from my ordinary little life as possible, but with the vague, faint possibility that, given the right set of circumstances, that distant world could intrude.(with the type of books I read, Gods forbid). And it's exciting, challenging,scary, funny,weird... Anyway I'm on this list because I think it shows discernment(I kan't spell though) To others of taste and discernment, Regards Jane

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