RARA-AVIS: Re: Why are You Here?

From: Gerald So ( gso@optonline.net)
Date: 26 Jan 2000

Hello, all.

Teri Stock wrote:

> what appeals to you about hard-boiled mysteries?

   I like the fact that hard-boiled mysteries have none of fiction's usual escape routes. Hard-boiled characters are subject to human limitations (lust, greed, fear, despair, etc.), and for this reason they seem more real to me. Any victory they have is either short-lived or an illusion.
   Since hardboiled fiction is still fiction at heart, writers are obliged to meet reader expectations. I like watching an author write his way into a corner, and then write his way out (not necessarily to a positive end).
   As far as other reading, I like myteries with a comic spin (e.g. Fletch and Myron Bolitar). I also enjoy spy books (Fleming, Bill Granger) and thrillers (David Morrell, William Diehl).


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