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From: Doug Bassett (
Date: 26 Jan 2000

--- wrote:
> That got me thinking about the reasons for my
> preference. This may be
> something you all discussed to death long before I
> got to this list, so I
> won't feel bad if you ignore the question, but I am
> curious: what appeals
> to you about hard-boiled mysteries?

A good question! For me, part of the reason is probably some sort of vague psychological thing that reaches back into my childhood. :) Part of the reason is that these books almost always move -- they keep you reading. Part of the reason is that this is an art form that has it's roots in America, and I'm very interested in things like that.

 Do you read
> only hard-boiled or do you
> also like some cozies and some medium-boiled?

I've been known to read a traditional mystery occasionally, but the only other sub-genre of Mystery fiction that I really follow is spy fiction. Interestingly, a good British spy novel and a good American hb novel have a lot in common: themes of sin, crime and corruption in high places, a reportorial knack for describing places and people, one lonely knight trying to pick his way through the minefields as best he can.


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