Re: RARA-AVIS: Bruno Fischer & Weird Menace

From: pabergin (
Date: 26 Jan 2000

I've not read a hell of a lot of Fischer, but what I've read, I liked. It was style, mostly, I think. He wrote like a newsman (I've no idea if he was one), kept it moving, understated, Just a little punch when it seemed called for.

Story . . .

I'd taken a break from a book show in Miami Beach (this was back when I used to bother with that sort of thing) and lugged a copy of THE RESTLESS HANDS over to a spot on Collins Ave. where I could get a Cuban sandwich from a truly spectacular Latina waitress (I am aging, but not yet dead). A couple of chapters into it, I decided that I ought to go back and pull all the Fischer work out of the bins we had set up. In my opinion, it was underpriced.

When I got back, it was gone. At the inferior price. I asked my partner (now wife) what happened. She said, "Some nice looking white haired guy came by and bought all of them. He left his card, in case we get any more."

By now, you've probably figured it out. Otto Penzler strikes again!

Ah well, at least they went to a good home.

ASIDE TO BILL CRIDER: Walter shd be back online by now. Tell him, next time I get to pick the luncheon venue. It'll be McDonalds, probably. PB

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