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Date: 25 Jan 2000

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<< (I'll confess here to liking the silly Cat Who mysteries as well, but then I like most anything with animals.)>>

I also like stories dealing with animals: the human animal. One of the fascinating things about Hard-boiled mysteries is the stripping away of the ego of the criminal, or at least its subversion to the animal instincts. In a
"cozy" you usually have a criminal mastermind sitting there and devising his crime very meticulously before executing it. In the Hard-boiled mystery things just sort of happen and the criminal (often the protagonist) reacts. This desperation often leaves some strange and baffling clues, but none of them are the criminal's "calling card." I also like the Hard-boiled mystery because it strips away the veneer of civilization to show the underworld, and peoples' private hells. I think we need a sense of thriving on instincts, even if vicariously that's why so many dreams are disturbing.

PS: Have you read Saki's "Tobermory"?

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