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From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 24 Jan 2000

On Mon, 24 Jan 2000 Neil wrote:

> > I'd like to find more works like these, Brown, weird film noir, etc. , where
> > the writers were just out of their gourds and would probably fit in more
> > today than they did in their own times. Any suggestions?

If you want some older stuff, try the so called shudder pulps. Francis James and Wayne Rogers are my favourites. I just finished a story by James in which the wifes of a nice suburban area suddenly start killing themselves. The protagonist finds out that the wives are killed during the ritual in which they are being whipped. In one Rogers's story the boxing manager makes better fighters out of his bunch by promising them women to rape after the victorious game.

This is surely weird, even appalling stuff, but there's also some kind of weird Z-grade Kafka feeling in all this. You should be able to find some of this stuff in Pulp Fiction Central
( The stories appeared first in magazines such as Terror Stories and Horror Tales and there are reprints. In Pulp Fiction Central you find them under Weird Menace link. - Someone mentioned Bruno Fischer. He started his career writing shudder stories under the pseudonym Russell Gray and, I believe, focused on a subgenre called "Defective Detective", in which the P.I's suffered some kind of a abnormality, for example they were blind, had no legs or were deaf.


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