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Date: 24 Jan 2000

Yes, he is the same Dannie Martin. His columns, along with commentary from his editor at the EXAMINER, have been collected under the title COMMITTING JOURNALISM. I recommend it to anyone interested in contemporary prison writing.

By the way, I understand Martin is back in prison, currently in Arizona, I believe.

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>Have you read IN THE HAT by Dannie M. Martin? Martin is an ex-con who writes
>in a style that reminds me of a written equivalent of the Naive school of
>painting. Simplistic but engaging, and the cockfight scenes are scorching!

Wonder if this is the same Martin who used to a column for the Sunday SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER while he was still in prison? This column was a terrific piece of work and very much in the tone that you describe. A great natural writer.

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