RARA-AVIS: Re: Woo & Guns

From: Paul Duncan ( paul.duncan@asml.nl)
Date: 24 Jan 2000

<<This reminds me of one of John Woo's trademarks, appearing in A Better Tomorrow among other movies, in which a gunman hides pistols along his way into a confrontation. As he, usually Chow Yun-Fat, empties his weapon (which, in a Woo film, means he has shot all 150 bullets in the six-shooter), he picks up a strategically placed replacement.>>

Woo always films the characters reloading the guns but, when it comes to editing the scene, he finds the reloading scenes interrupt the flow, so he edits them out!

(Another BSP: There is a long John Woo interview in a Pocket Essential I've just edited, Heroic Bloodshed, edited by Martin Fitzgerald, published March.)

- paul

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