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Date: 23 Jan 2000


I subscribed about 2 months ago and have been enjoying all the discussions and great info. I started reading Wade Miller -among others - because of you folks.

I'm a writer/director living in the Los Angeles area. I joined this group after a web search for Richard Prather led me here. Okay, enough of that.

The reason I finally spoke up was because I just happened to meet Mr. Bezzarides last night. (Saturday Jan 22). The Los Angeles MOCA is running a Bogart series and last night they showed to fine prints of THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT and SIROCCO.

Buzz - he insisted I call him Buzz - was the guest speaker. He wrote the novel Long Haul - made as They Drive By Night, and adapted, Coup De Grace (as Sirocco) for the screen.

An interesting man - learned very little about his writing career - he wanted to talk about his childhood. He was the son of a Greek produce hauler in California. I think that explains a lot. Thieves Market and Long Haul are both set there.

He adapted his Thieves Market as Thieves Highway in '49 - adapted On Dangerous Ground in '51 and in '55 adapted A Bullet for Joey and Kiss Me Deadly.

He didn't want to talk about his novels at all. He really loved talking about his childhood. And he was fascinating.


"Timothy S. Oliver" wrote:

> One of the bad guys in Pelecanos' newest, Shame the Devil, reads "two
> paperback novels by Edward Anderson and A.I. Bezzarides."
> Amazon shows one book by Anderson called Thieves Like Us. It apparently was
> made into a movie twice. Once by Altman.
> Amazon lists two by Bezzarides. One is called Thieves Market. It's about
> Greek produce haulers in California's Central Valley. Sounds a lot like
> Thieves Highway, the old noir flick with Richard Conte.
> Both authors wrote in the 30s and 40s. I've never heard of either.
> Presumably Pelecanos' reference is praise.
> Anyone know anything about these two writers?
> Tim Oliver
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