RARA-AVIS: Reading Scott Turow?

From: Pat Zeitoun ( pwz@tca.net)
Date: 22 Jan 2000

Ok, this may be OT but please give a little feedback if you can. I have never read Scott Turow so I picked up "Presumed Innocent". I had expected to enjoy the writer but I am less than 100 pages in and about to give up. The book seems to be very disjointed, characters seem to come and go and it would seem that prior knowledge is required for it to make sense. I don't believe that there was a book before this one, right? I keep going back and re-reading but to no avail. For eg., all of a sudden there is a crippled judge in a wheel chair - where the heck did she come from and what is the importance? So far, she has gotten about a page and then dropped as fast as she arrived. I'm just not getting it.

Did I just choose the wrong book, or is that I am just not going to like this author?


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