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From: Timothy S. Oliver (
Date: 21 Jan 2000

> Have you read IN THE HAT by Dannie M. Martin? Martin is an ex-con who
> in a style that reminds me of a written equivalent of the Naive school of
> painting. Simplistic but engaging, and the cockfight scenes are scorching!
> - Paul H.

First I read The Dishwasher. I bought "In the Hat" as soon as I could find it. I'm a big Dannie Martin fan. Voted him on my top 5 in the recent "rushed right out and read everything I could get my hands on" poll we had here.

You are correct. In the Hat has the same feel as Bunker's and Little's books.

The Dishwasher is not so hyper. It's about a guy trying to fit into straight life. No surprise, it's a challenge.

One common, and intriguing, theme in these ex-con books is the loss of the old code of criminals. In these books the new criminals, and inmates, come from the modern gang scene. They don't respect the old code.

These kids today...

Tim Oliver

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